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2019-05-19T10:40:52-05:00Success Stories|

We were looking for a pet, in particular, a dog and specifically a “Brittany”.  I found the American Brittany Rescue web site and browsed the photos and bios of


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Like so many of the people who adopt a dog from ABR, I had put down my previous Brittany a year earlier. Jaque was a wonderful dog, who was


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Hi Everyone, This is Abbie. I wrote to you about a year ago after I arrived at my Forever Home. Today, December 4th, 2013, my folks and I are

Ellie Mae

2019-05-19T10:43:49-05:00Success Stories|

Jerry and I just wanted to let ABR that we lost our beloved Ellie Mae on March 7th 2013. We were so lucky that the people who adopted her


2019-05-19T10:44:34-05:00Success Stories|

Bailey has been with us for 10 years he has been a joy.  We had to downsize to our health but Bailey need to do that too.  He is


2019-05-19T10:45:34-05:00Success Stories|

June of 2013 we welcomed ABR rescue Winston (formerly Java) into our family.  He immediately bonded with our 13 year old Brittany, Clementine, and won the hearts of all


2019-05-19T10:46:46-05:00Success Stories|

A message from Karma (formerly Brittany) Hey guys! Next month (April) will be one whole year since the wonderful volunteers of ABR helped me drive nearly 1600 miles from


2019-05-19T10:48:59-05:00Success Stories|

My dog Cinnamon is definitely a big ABR success story. She came to me almost 8 yrs ago thru ABR volunteer Shelli Ray.   I can only say that I

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