Hi Everyone,

This is Abbie. I wrote to you about a year ago after I arrived at my Forever Home. Today, December 4th, 2013, my folks and I are celebrating our first anniversary together. It’s been a great year for all of us. I’ve really been happy. My folks love me and I’m having a fun time.

“Dad” and I go for a walk almost every morning. Mom’s and Dad’s daughter and her husband have a Golden Retriever, Boomer, and we love to play together. I get to stay there when my folks are gone.  I wish every dog could have as good of a home as I do. I want to thank everyone that helped arrange for me to live with my folks.

You can see how contented I am by looking at the picture that Dad attached

“Mom” wants to add a line to my letter now.


Chuck and I again thank everyone for adding Abbie to our family. There were several people involved and they deserve mention.   Tiffany Dexter, the CO coordinator for ABR arranged the adoption. Dave Smith was the Foster Dad and took Abbie and a crate, which we had bought for the transport, to the airport near Denver from where she began the trip to Southern CA.   Julia Ryan-Billings, the Co-Organizer for the Animal Rescue Flights (ARF), spent hours finding pilots who made the commitment to fly Abbie to us. David Bamford flew her from Denver to Phoenix, using Doug’s (I’m sorry that I don’t know his last name) plane. And, Bob Brown completed the mission by flying Abbie from Phoenix to Fullerton, CA. The pilots showed ingenuity in disassembling and reassembling the crate to fit in the planes.

Abbie’s the sweetest gal ever and definitely gives as much love as she receives. We had Brittany pups before, but never from the ABR and we encourage everyone to adopt a Brit, whether young or old, who needs a Forever Home.   Abbie, Chuck and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Rosemary Leech

PS: You can see pictures of Abbie’s trip that Julia Ryan-Billings posted on the ARF website: