Maya and Kodi

Maya (10) on left, Kodi (6) on right

This picture was taken a couple years ago.

I sort of inherited my first Britt, Allie.  She was the cutest little chubby puppy. When she tried to point, she would fall over.  She taught me how stubborn and sweet a Britt can be.  She became a Happy Tails Therapy Dog at age 11.  She was an Alpha dog and tested me every day to make sure that I really wanted to be in charge and lived to be 14 yrs old. Britt #2 was Sammy (aka Peyton) adopted through ABR and the Archers. He was around 5 yrs old. He had been named Peyton because he was so sweet. He was a “born free” Britt…he could not be trusted around an open door or gate.  He became a therapy dog at age 7.  He was born to this…..he was the best with special ed kids and the elderly.  Around then I adopted Britt #3, Maya through ABR and Evelyn Wheeler. She was only 1 ½ yrs old and was the calmest and most cuddly Britt I had ever seen.  She was certified as a Happy Tails therapy dog at age 2. She loves to lay with patients in their beds and play with the special ed kids.  Maya is also certified under Therapy Dogs Inc. so she can be a Reading Paws dog. Children come to the library to read to her.  She loves it since she can be petted and talked to for an hour.  Maya is also certified as an AKC therapy dog.  Sadly, Sammy passed away.  Maya was so lonely that I adopted Britt #4, Kodi (aka Archie) through ABR and Gloria Gaffke.  He was barely 1 yrs old.  He is a typical energetic, nosey and loving Britt.  He has completed Basic and Intermediate obedience and passed his Canine Good Citizen test.  He is now Happy Tails therapy dog and is also AKC certified therapy dog. He also belongs to TD Inc and does Reading Paws.  Amazingly he is the best therapy dog of the four.

I cannot begin to express my deep appreciation for the foster parents of my dogs.  Gloria even drove Kodi from Iowa to Atlanta.  These wonderful dogs have enriched my life in so many ways.  They have given so much love to everyone they visit….a smile on a sick child or a nursing home resident is a great reward.  They have made me laugh so many times and no one can be lonely with a Britt on your lap or nose bumping your hand.

Eleanor Hager