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American Brittany Rescue Foster Dogs in the Western US Region.

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Violet (Vy-Vy)

Loon Lake, Washington

Meet Violet: Backstory: When Violet was a puppy, her breeder brought her to a veterinarian to be euthanized due to a congenital eye defect that has left her seriously visually…

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Remington has years of love and attention to catch up on, and he likes to make the most of every minute! He is very quickly catching on to living the good life in his foster home- the life he knows a Brittany should have. Lap cuddles, belly rubs, treats and praise…

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Baker City, Oregon

Meet Agate: She is a sweet 6 year old orange and white purebred Brittany. She is trained to hunt and has won ribbons at Field Trials. Agate was surrendered due…

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Davis, California

Tyke is a young at heart 11-1/2 year old. He was surrendered to ABR by his owner after her husband passed away. She realized she could no longer meet his…

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Santa Rosa, California

Logan is a very sweet dog, who came to us with special needs. Logan has been diagnosed with cluster seisures. He has been treated by a neurologist, and has been…

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Dublin, California

Tyson was a stray found running along a busy road. He is a gentle giant who loves people and loves sitting by your feet and leaning in for petting. He…

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Thermopolis, Wyoming

Meet Sweet Zoey! She may be 8, but she does not know it! Zoey has been running on her foster homes acreage with an GPD Electronic collar and is very…

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