Buddy’s so right he did rescue us!! After a year of sadness, from a loss we never thought we could manage.
We decided it was time. Buddy came to us via car transport by his foster family Austin & Kaitlin Atkinson.
They lovingly took amazing care of him for two months till he found his forever home with us. We’re very
thankful they chose us.

I guess his first family didn’t realize how active Brittany’s are & didn’t understand Drake (now Buddy) so
they surrendered him to volunteer Lauren Roemmich who has a reputation in her area for saving Britts.
We can’t thank these two families enough for helping Buddy.

Buddy is everything we could have wished for. I hope he feels the same about us. We are once again laughing
& enjoying life with our new best friend. He is a true Brittany . Full of antics & energy as well as love & sweetness.

We are working on a few things but that comes with the territory. With time it will all work out & that’s all we have.
My husband Rich and I are retired and we can’t wait to take Buddy on all our travels. You see, our goal is to travel to as
many National Parks as we can and he will be our partner on this journey.  So right now we’re working on all our manners.
Buddy is a quick learner as I think most Brittany’s are.

Thank you ABR for all you do to help these amazing animals that we all love so much. Also a special shout out to
Deb Giesler for all her help .

ABR volunteers,
Rich & Sue Achter