4 1/2 years ago we adopted Koda from Vicki G. in Pa. as an owner surrender.  As with all of our fosters/previous owners, I have continued to send pictures and updated notes regarding Koda and her life.  When we got Louie from Nebraska his  fosters came to visit three years later and it was a great experience for all.  So Koda’s previous owner asked if she and her daughters could come and visit Koda.  They made such a difficult choice to give her up.  We said fine and last week her previous family came to visit.  it was an incredible experience.  Koda got so excited and couldn’t stop kissing them and rolling over to have her belly rubbed.  They stayed for dinner and brought her toys.  When they got ready to leave, Koda just walked over to Kate and I and happily watched them go!  I know we couldn’t recommend this to everyone, but for us with both Louie and Koda it was a wonderful experience.  Vicki and the girls left knowing that Koda has a wonderful home and is loved and well-cared for.  We knew that they had lovingly cared for her in their home because she is such a wonderful dog.

So I just thought you might like to know this story.  Koda is our fourth rescue from ABR.  Can’t begin to tell you how blessed we feel that we have had four wonderful seniors in our lives.  Thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work to enhance not only the dogs lives but the people who love them.  Take care.  Sincerely,  Susan Preston