Hi, my name is Rylee but some of you may know me as Peaches.  My foster dad Mike Barlow rescued me from a shelter in Utah almost three years ago and I made my way to my forever home with Mike and Cathy in sunny California.

I made the trip through the winter snowstorms just after Christmas and when I arrived, there were presents for me under the tree!   I knew this was the place for me but I had no idea how much fun California is!

Since then, we go to the beach about once a month and take long walks on the beach – well, they walk – I run and swim!  I was pretty unsure about water when I first arrived but now it is so much fun to jump in the waves or launch into the swimming pool.

This summer, Mike took me on my first backpacking trip.  I wasn’t so sure what was happening when he strapped the pack on me and didn’t understand why my food was in there but when we got started on the trail, it all came to me!  Miles upon miles of forest and trails to run chasing squirrels and streams and lakes to swim in!  After a 4 mile hike into camp, we settled in alongside a lake where Mike took my backpack off.  While Mike took a nap, I spent the next hour swimming in the lake – it was so much fun!  Check me out in this picture – is this not the best place for a Brittany?  The Beach Boys said it best – “I wish they all could be California girls!”  Thank you ABR!  I have a smile on my face every day now.