We had our first brittany, Freckles, for 14 yrs. She was such a joy to our whole family, she grew up with our kids! We waited for about a year after she passed to start thinking about getting another dog. My daughter actually found ABR online and they accepted us to adopt one of their dogs. We adopted Turbo in Feb of 2010. Turbo was six when we first got him, and he has been with us for 3 years now. He has been such a pleasure to have! It took a little while for him to adjust, but I really think he just needed to learn to trust us and to get used to his new surroundings. Now all we get is that loving brittany look, and it looks like he is smiling as he chases the birds out of the trees and around the yard.

He likes to cuddle, go on walks and to ride in the car. He has also made it his duty to guard our yard from all birds and small animals that try to come in and invade.

He works so hard that in the summer he gets really hot. We had a water feature in our yard that he tried to take over as his own pool. We could not believe he could even get in and out of it because it was only slightly bigger than him! We ended up buying him his own little pool, so he would stay out of our water feature! He loves laying in his pool on a hot day.

We also have a place in northern Michigan which he loves to visit with us. We were worried about the car ride up there at first, but he is so good. He sleeps the whole way there and back. Up north there are a whole new set of smells and animals. He has encountered a skunk, deer and even snakes up there. We do a lot of jeep riding up north and he is always the first one in the jeep. We took this picture and really feel that it says it all. We truly love having Turbo as a part of our family and feel like he is truly happy with us as well!