In October of 2006, my family was blessed with a new member, Jillybean. At the time we were told that she was about 7 months old, but after another visit to the vet they decided she was actually about 14 months. My dad had said prior to her arrival that we could only get a dog if we named it Scout, after our beloved hamster. “It’s a boy and a girl name!” he had said, so wouldn’t you know it, we named her Scout (Scouty). She was originally found on the side of a highway in Virginia with her mother Celia.

After 7 great years, we have accumulated a bunch of different nicknames for Scout (i.e. Scouty-Badowty, Scooty-Batooty, Pups MaGups). After years of spoiling, Scouty prefers to sit in her own seat in the car, sleep in a human-sized bed, and spend hours of relaxation in the lake. She is an avid fisherman but after many head dunks she has never come up with a fish. Where ever we go, everyone is interested in Scout, from the way she swims for hours to the way she points her paw when she sees a squirrel. There are no words to describe how perfect our Scouty is. Thank you ABR for giving us an amazing dog, but really another family member.