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2019-05-19T10:51:50-05:00Success Stories|

The good news - Luke has landed. I'm sure that if a squirrel passed by on the telephone line he would follow it forever. Otherwise, he likes lying on


2019-05-19T10:52:37-05:00Success Stories|

Hello ABR! This saturday marks the day we call Dublin’s “birthdoption day”.  When we adopted him from ABR last October 25, we didn’t know his birthday!  So we decided


2019-05-19T10:53:32-05:00Success Stories|

Hello my friends! Sadie from Minnesota has been a while since I have written. I have had a very busy 2014! We moved into a new house in


2019-05-19T10:54:17-05:00Success Stories|

I have adopted Brittany No 5!!! Her name is Zooey (8).  She is in the middle in this picture. Maya (10) is on the left and Kodi (6) is on

Sarah Belle

2019-05-19T10:55:26-05:00Success Stories|

Sarah Belle Larsen came into our home on February 1st 2014. We had recently lost our Brittany and wanted a companion for our other dog, also a Brittany.  I


2019-05-19T10:57:54-05:00Success Stories|

Six years ago today we adopted our Buck who was almost two at the time. He has been a wonderful member of our family. We could not have anticipated

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