We were looking for a pet, in particular, a dog and specifically a “Brittany”.  I found the American Brittany Rescue web site and browsed the photos and bios of various dogs until I found a story and photo of  “Kipper”.  After talking with the area representative and asking for information , he put me in touch with the owners.  At the conclusion of our telephone conversation we agreed  to meet and evaluate Kipper as a possible pet from our prospective and they to evaluate us as parents for Kipper from their prospective.  

It was a good meeting and we decided Kipper would be just fine for us. They agreed to allow us to become Kipper’s family and to provide a “forever” home for him.  Their oldest child, age 5, I will never forget.  He loved his dog and as I looked into his eyes full of tears, not really wanting to give Kipper up, I promised myself I would love this dog as much as this boy did.   

Driving away was the hardest part.  Kipper was constantly looking back as if to say “ Is he not coming along with us”?   However, the transition went very smoothly.   These parents had taught or trained Kipper so well, I now understood why they chose the name Kipper.   (Kipper is a character in a series of books for preschool-age children by a British writer)  Kipper was an English Gentleman   We were not going to change his name.   

Kipper was smart, good looking, had good manners, was house broken, kennel trained ,had personality PLUS, and his  shots and records were up to date.  He is the only dog I have ever known who would wait for the command to eat from his bowl.  You could put ice cream in the bowl and he would not move toward it until you gave the command OK. What a wonderful job these parents had done with Kipper.  

We took him home, taught him his new boundaries and wow, what  an experience for us.   We have had the privilege of loving and caring for Kipper over the past eleven years.  He has traveled across the United States with us, up Pikes Peak, along the Grand Canyon, up the Great Sand Dunes, visited the beaches of Delaware, North and South Carolina and Florida.  

What a trooper!  Every place we took him he acted like a gentleman and loved everyone he met, especially children.   He was family!!!  

Kipper was diagnosed with Renal failure and yesterday we lost him.  Words cannot describe the sadness and loss we have experienced nor the emptiness we feel.  He brought so much joy into our lives and was so giving.  His love for us was truly “unconditional”.  How can I ever thank the original parents of Kipper for their remarkable gift?   We gave Kipper  a forever home, but he gave us a life time of memories filled with love and happiness.  His parents wanted “only the best” for Kipper and they were heartbroken to give him up.  We gave him our very best and we are heartbroken in having to give him up.   He was, is still and will always be a part of our family.   His DOB was August 12, 1999 and DOD October 25, 2013.  Kipper was an American Kennel Club certified Brittany.    

Thank you American Brittany Rescue!    Thank you and the many volunteers it takes to keep your organization up and running.  Thank you for the shelter you provide, the foster care you offer, the transporting and medical attention given to many.  You have brought untold joy into the lives  of many by your labor of love for these precious friends.