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We have had Kira from Spain for about 9 months now. She is doing very well, and has come a long way since we adopted...
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Derrick is doing awesome! We love him so much. Derrick arrived in the United States as our foster in March. He was a scared boy...
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Sammy aka Samwise was known as Chico in Spain, is very happy. Sammy's favorite game is tug of war. His favorite place to sleep is...
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Luca, formerly known as Poncho, is doing great!  We love, love, love this little guy.  From day one, he is a snuggle bug that soaks...
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Cooper, formerly Russell from Spain, is awesome! We have loved having him here with us and our other rescue we got from abr 6 years...
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Pablo came from Spain and is doing great.  He has adjusted easily to 3 walks a day and in good weather this becomes 2 walks...
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Henry is doing very well for himself here at our house.  He is loved by his people and also by his canine brother, Larry.  He...
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We just celebrated his first birthday this last Saturday.  He is such fun boy! Dylan, who we now call Loki, was our 13th foster for...
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I just woke up and got up with Garbi. He likes to sleep with my wife and me. Even though we have a king size...
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Gina is doing Great!  We love her so much!  She is learning new things every day since her arrival from Spain.  She loves her little...
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