Pablo came from Spain and is doing great.  He has adjusted easily to 3 walks a day and in good weather this becomes 2 walks and a run. When he first arrived for about 2 days he did not want to move off the front step.  A friend suggested putting him in the car, driving somewhere, and then walking. That worked to get him off the step but when we reached a street with lots of busy foot traffic around a lake, he would not cross the street to get to the walking path. That’s all behind us now. Our walks/runs range 3 – 6 miles and he is really interested in going someplace new.

Pablo gets along well with the dogs of friends and neighbors and he usually wants to play with whoever we meet while on a walk.  I bought  a pass to the dog parks that we will check out when we are mostly done with snow and mud season. He is still shy with people but is very food motivated and so will take treats even from those he does not know.  He is more interested in squirrels than in meeting random people.

Pablo also likes to cuddle, sometimes. He always likes shoulder rubs and tummy rubs.

I’ve included pictures of him with his favorite squeaky toy, in his favorite sleeping position and on a run and waiting for the squirrel to come down from the tree.

Anne, Minneapolis