Ruby, formerly Abby, has felt like part of our family from the day we met her…really since I first saw her photo and a video of her being fed a French fry at the shelter in South Korea!  When I met her the name “Ruby” came to me so clearly, like she was telling me her name!  She is just so full of joy and love for life! And squirrels…they make her go a little nuts! She’s taught Lilla how to run after, tree and bark at squirrels (and birds when the squirrels have had enough), and they are inseparable. We enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, SUP’g, road trips, exploring the coast and all over Oregon…and Ruby is game for it all.  She’s outgoing, friendly, adventurous, and just plain fun!  She has so much love to give, when she’s not ON my lap, she’s curled up next to me or Lilla…usually both, if at all possible.  She’s beautiful and I just adore her freckles! She is such a sweet blessing. Thank you for all you do for this special special breed.

The Bagwells, Oregon