Henry is doing very well for himself here at our house.  He is loved by his people and also by his canine brother, Larry.  He is tolerated by his feline sister (no pictures of them together)!  Henry was called Scout and came from Spain.

So far Henry has only traveled to the vet, the groomer and dog obedience classes.  He shows great promise with his obedience training as he is a lover and wants badly to please…and he is very food motivated.  However, for whatever reason we have failed to get him to lay down on command.  He’s getting close.

You can tell from the photos that he likes to snuggle up on the furniture and snuggling in with Larry or one of us is a big time favorite.  If he can, he will rearrange all the pillows and blankets on the bed to suit his needs.

Henry is getting more independent and building confidence but he likes to be near one or both of us most of the time.  In one of the pictures he is faithfully sitting next to me as I walk on the treadmill.  In another, with the blue floor, he is enjoying meditation time with me.  LOL.

He is full of energy and is often so excited by going outside, or coming back inside, that he will take off at a run and his feet can’t keep up with him — basically he body surfs across the hardwood floor.  He is a blast to hang out with.

If you can’t tell from the above information, I will be direct in my words and tell you we are head-over-heels in love with him!

Thank you to ABR for bringing Henry to the states!  He is just what we looking for.

The Andersons, Minnesota