Talli and Lexi

I feel like Talli and Lexi rescued me more than I rescued them.  I actually saw their pictures on ABR’s website before my first brittany, Lucy, unexpectedly passed away.  My husband and I quickly agreed that three dogs would be too many for us to handle.  I had no idea Lucy, at only 7 years old, would be leaving us so soon.  Just a couple short weeks later, Lucy collapsed in the yard, and even though I tried CPR to revive her, she was gone.  I have never been so heart broken in my life, but as I grieved my best friend, I remembered those sisters that were in need of a home. I wouldn’t have been ready to search for a new fur friend yet, so I strongly suspected it was meant to be that I already knew of these girls.

Lexi is the ultimate snuggle bug and a complete spaz.  If there is a lap, she is in it, and she vibrates with excitement when sitting and waiting for a treat!  Talli is sweet as can be and keeps watch over our family and property and her little sister.  In no time, she wore a path all along the fence in our backyard, so we call her border patrol!  These two have brought so much love and joy into our family when we needed it most.  Thank you ABR for all that you do, and you rescue more than just the doggies!     

– Sara Mercer
Greenville, SC