“my name is Jill and I’m the cute blonde(roan) in back, smiling with my pack. when I was seven my owner died and his wife moved to smaller quarters in Bend , Oregon. My littermate Abby and I felt lost, gaining 10 pounds. We went to a new home , but it failed. Then Tom and Jane in Colorado found us, aged 9, and flew us in to a forever home. nicknamed the Golden girls, we lost our weight and became sporting dogs again! when Abby died a year later I was heartbroken but my new family consoled me. Tom and Jane added another young rescue to even the numbers. I am now a 15 1/2, the matriarch of the group. what a great place to grow old!!”

Jill died at 15 yrs,9 months, the best and loved of the rescues we’ve had. She smiled till the end