In Memory of Patch, 2004-2016

First and foremost, my wife and I want to thank ABR for placing Patch in our family 4 years ago. 

Patch crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday in a peaceful way with his human family present. Patch was a special family member who was a devoted and loving companion. His health deteriorated quite rapidly due to a nerve defect that impacted his sight and mobility; but he never stopped being the Patch we knew and loved. This special Brit will be greatly missed.

Patch – August 2015

I wanted to bring you an update about Patch who we adopted a little more than 3 years ago, just before he turned 8 years old from ABR and Wayne Topa. Wayne is a breeder in update NY who was shutting down his kennel for personal reasons. His Brits were entrusted to ABR knowing his pups would receive a good home. My wife and 15 year-old daughter made the 3 hour drive to come home with a new family member chosen from Wayne’s pack. Well, the adoption was accomplished rather quickly as one of the Brits came over to my wife, sat down in front of her and followed her wherever she went during the visit. It seems the Patch had chosen his new family, we had little to say in his in Patch’s decision, he knew who his new family would be. The attached picture with the blanket is Patch on the trip home.

As you would expect, Patch had a few skills that proved very interesting. It is perfectly normal, at least for the Brits I have owned to procure food left in a vulnerable location. However, we learned that Patch could actually reach down into the kitchen sink to abscond with food that was to be our dinner. Of course, he was assisted by his sister, Java, in dispatching the chicken, bones and all. (Note: a discussion and a vet visit proved uneventful.) But, without a doubt, Patch’s most surprising feat was one of daring and cunning. A couple of years back, it was a few days after Halloween. I came down to the kitchen to have breakfast and what do I find? Mr. Patch is standing in the middle of the kitchen table “exploring” the remains of the Halloween goodies. Most interesting was Patch’s reaction. He looked at me, jumped down from the table and went about his business  as if nothing had happened — not a word was spoken. Please understand that Patch receives nothing but the best care possible. It is just that every now and then he simply surprises us with his creativity.

Well, Patch turned 11 years-old and is beginning to slow down a bit. I must tell you that Patch is the biggest Brittany my wife, me and our vet have ever seen. He stands at about 22 inches and weighs in at— 62 pounds.Mind you that is a solid 62 pounds. Arthritis is present, moderately, and I think his selective hearing is beginning to weaken a bit. However, some things never change — he is the most loving and devoted dog you could ever hope to have, he looks forward to his 2 1/2 mile walks with “mom” each day that includes a swim in the local creek, and he is still attached to Joyce with some kind of invisible velcro about 24 hours a day. We have had 3 Brits, the first two living to the ripe old ages of 16 and 14 plus a Great Dane who made it to 12 years old. So, we expect to enjoy Patch for a few more years. He is a wonderful member of the family.

Many thanks to ABR for the wonderful work you dedicate to these great dogs.

Best Regards, Joyce, Brie and Ken Ludwig