First time tent-camping with our three-year-old Brittany, adopted through the Magnolia Rescue.  The park required that dogs remain on a leash at all times (which is fine as we have yet to master the command “Come”).  Sylvie had her first experience hiking in the dunes and swimming in the clear and warm water of Lake Michigan!  The leash allowed her to swim out to me, then back to shore at will where she pointed huge yellow butterflies for minutes on end (to the amazement of folks at the beach!) 

As it was a warm weekend, she proceeded to dig a little nest for herself to lay in the cool sand under our picnic table at the campsite, and appreciated her cozy crate in our tent overnight. Being “leashed” to her for 48 hours deepened our bond with Sylvie, and gave us time to see patterns and preferences that would otherwise not have been noticed. 

Thank you Terry Mixdorf, and Lori Weaver, for your loving work with Sylvie, and all Brittanys and other four-legged creatures!

Lisa and David Sexton