We adopted a skinny little orange and white Brittany in June 2002 named Sarah out of VA.  She was a little over a year old when we got her and smart as a whip.  She was given up because she was gun shy but she sure never lost her hunting instinct.  No rabbit, squirrel, bird, snake, or any other creature that moved went unnoticed by her.  She also proved to be quite the escape artist leaving our yard on every occasion she could find despite the fence and invisible fence we had to put her nose to the ground and see what the big world had to offer.  

We moved in 2005 to a place that had much more acreage and a lot of woods that allowed her to roam as she wanted and the invisible fence contained her for the most part but I mentioned she was smart so she knew when the batteries weren’t working on that collar and took advantage of it.  She sent me looking for her more than a few times and when she was able to avoid us finding her she always came back home to sleep in her bed.   

Well she is 15 years old now and still with us and although she has slowed way down in the past few years and I’m afraid is not too far off from leaving us but she has been the best dog I could have hoped for.  She has had 4 other brothers and sisters living with her this whole time and has seen some pass on and seen new little ones come in and never once was she anything other than a perfect dog letting the puppies climb and bite her ears and never once even growled.  All she wants is a good belly rub and a chance to go out and see what is still outside.

Adopting her was the best thing we could have ever done.  Even at her at age where she struggles to get up all she wants to do is come get a good belly rub every day when we return from work.  The day she decides to go will be extremely sad but she has given us 14 amazing years and will always be loved.  Thanks ABR for allowing us to have this beautiful girl and all the pleasure she has given us over the years.