Hello Friends!

The last time my mom updated my story, it was a sad one. I lost both of my sisters a week apart. My mom and dad worked really hard and found me the perfect new sister! Meet Bergita! My parents adopted her through ABR. She is a Brittany/Lab mix. My mom jokingly calls her a Brittador.

It took me a few weeks to start liking her. Now I love my pesky little sister. She is 15 weeks old now and we love to wrestle…all the time! My mom says we are crazy! I am teaching Bergita the ways of the Brittany; we patrol the yard and keep it rabbit and squirrel free! Someday I will teach her to point to birds, just for fun though. I am gun shy..hopefully Bergita is not!

Thank you to the volunteers at ABR who took in my sister, her 6 siblings and her momma. Without them I would not have my new best friend. Don’t worry, my mom will always be my favorite! Love, Sadie and Bergita from Minnesota