Maddison and Dakota

Brittanys are like potato chips, you can’t have just one. Maddison was our first ABR almost 7 years ago. She was the companion to Dakota, whom we got 2 years prior from a breeder (we didn’t know then!). When Dakota passed over the rainbow bridge due to stomach cancer, it took a long time before we considered another buddy. A call to Michelle started the paperwork, and shortly after we were introduced to another Dakota (honest!). They shared more than just a name. Both afraid of thunderstorms and love to chase deer.

Our newest Dakota quickly made himself part of the family, and he and Maddie have quickly bonded.

As you can see, whether it’s guarding the house from my office window, to cruising in the boat or jeep, both ABR are living the life!

So now we have 2 ABR buddies.

So thank you ABR, and Michelle. And yes, we are trying to hold back on another potato chip!

Chris and Beverlee Duffy