A message from Karma (formerly Brittany)

Hey guys! Next month (April) will be one whole year since the wonderful volunteers of ABR helped me drive nearly 1600 miles from my foster Mom in Wichita Falls, TX all the way up to Missoula, MT to my Forever Home. I’ll admit, I was a little shy when I first got there, but my Mom helped me get more confident with other dogs (even though my husky brother is REALLY obnoxious) and now I’m even starting to play with them!

My Mom is a dog trainer, and she thinks I’m such a good example that I even get to come to work and demonstrate my skills! I get to meet lots of other dogs (which are OK), but meeting all the new people is my favorite! Some of them even give me treats. When I got here I only knew how to “Sit,” but now I can do all sorts of things, like Heel, Bow, Stay, and I’m learning more all the time! I might even be learning Nosework soon.

Oh, did I mention I’m also a hunting dog? We go out all the time and look for birds and rabbits–it’s so much fun! And when I’m not doing all those exciting things, I have lots of fluffy beds to lay on, and there’s almost always someone to keep me company. Mom says this summer we’re going to do lots of hiking and camping.

P.S. — Even though I was a Texas dog, I LOVE THE SNOW! All that fluffy white stuff is lots of fun! This really is the best. Thanks, ABR!