Ellie Mae

Jerry and I just wanted to let ABR that we lost our beloved Ellie Mae on March 7th 2013. We were so lucky that the people who adopted her thought she was too aggressive with her bone and surrendered her.  We were the lucky humans that picked her up at OHare from New York.

Ellie Mae (or Mae-Mae) was the alpha female…small but mighty! She loved her bones and you best not tease her when she was enjoying them!  She would do her fake growl when Jerry would pretend to “take” her bone. We took her down south the summer before she passed at age 13 and she swam in that pond chasing frogs for 3 days. She slept for a week after she got home!

The squirrels didn’t have a chance around our home. Although she couldn’t chase them like she used too, she sure did make them scarce around here.  My brother bought his Pug dog over in his crate and Ellie Mae went in that small crate! When Jerry tried to get her out she was having no part of that and gave him her fake growl. That was her way of telling him she wanted to play! She loved her crate even though she hasn’t been in her crate for years.  When the Pug was ill she watched over him like a mother would.

So many memories. So many nose kisses.  She was an independent girl. Daddies growler. Thank you for trusting us to take care of her. She bought so much joy to our lives. She came to us at 7  and left us at almost 14. It was a good 7 years. We just wish it would have been longer. Nose kisses Ellie Mae.  We love you.

Thank You,
Pam Van Dieren and Jerry Hannon