We recently adopted 3-year-old “Dakota”.  She has three new sisters, a 13-year-old Lab, a 12-year-old Brittany, and a 3-year-old Lab, and she doesn’t know how good she has it to land at our house.  We waited for a young dog since we already have two seniors.  Dakota is also now our official office greeter.  I’m a paralegal for two attorneys, one being my daughter.  I own the building, so my rules, right?  The first week we had Dakota as a foster, I took her to work with me because I wanted to feel comfortable about the dog family dynamics before leaving her home all day with the other three (who have accepted her as a family member).  She instantly proved herself to be a fine office dog, greeting people politely, and then going back behind my desk to lay down.  We haven’t had a single complaint, and she actually seems to make clients more at ease.  My daughter said she always wanted an office dog, but her two goofballs are not good candidates.  Dakota especially love our UPS guy (who has treats in his pocket) and going to the banks (a/k/a drive-thru biscuit dispensaries).  My 9-month-old granddaughter also spends a couple days a week at the office, and Dakota is gentle and patient with her.  My husband is an avid hunter, and Dakota hasn’t been hunted, but she will get the chance, and hopefully with some guidance and field work she’ll figure out what’s expected.  She already understands the GPS collar means it’s time for a run and shows plenty of interest in birds.  Even if she doesn’t turn into a stellar hunter, she’s certainly a wonderful family member.