I adopted Cooper in late June of 2010 after graduating college. He was known as Willie at the time. I cannot believe it has been 5 and 1/2 years together! What an adventure we have had so far. Cooper has been quite mischievous and the last year was a rough one. He has always been a garbage hound and broke into the trash bin at the farm and made himself quite sick.

This fall, I found a lump on his leg and my vet found out it was a mast cell tumor. It was removed on October 14. The pathologist said it was cancerous, but it was not dividing. This was great news! Cooper has now fully recover and lives the life of a king.

We adopted a cat in spring of 2014, and he is Cooper’s best friend. He even sleeps in his kennel with him! We live next to the Mississippi River now and Cooper thinks this is the greatest thing EVER! Not only does he get to swim, but he gets to be disgusting and roll in the sand! I’m so glad my boy beat his cancer. Cooper is my best friend and snuggle buddy. Thank you for bringing us together!