Callie and Misty

Our two Brittany’s:  Callie is on the left, Misty on the right.  Misty was  our 8 year old ABR Rescue from Michigan.   When we got her in Aug 2009 we brought her home to our 10 year old Brittany we had since she was a puppy.  They got along great, and the first time my husband went to throw a ball with her, Misty saw that hand go up she dove to the ground, afraid he was going to hit her.   We never did that again…poor thing. 

She had never learned to play with toys and when she would pick up one, she’d put it down like she didn’t know what to do with it.  She was beyond affectionate, as she would drape herself over your lap for attention.  In July 2014 she got sick with an auto immune problem, and an x-ray showed she had been shot 3 times with metal bb’s.  We can only imagine just how hard her life was before rescue. 

She got sick again with her immune problem and passed away in our home on Dec 19<sup>th</sup> 2013.  Our other Brit Callie, 14 at the time, went right downhill and passed away 3 weeks later.  We were heartbroken to lose both our pets. 

That following August 2015 we rescued Sammie from Ohio.  She was from a family with life changes and they were heartbroken to give her up, but they couldn’t keep her.  She was a very loved dog and fit right into our home.   Since we’ve been Brittany owners since 1999 we just couldn’t go any longer without one. 

Thank you to ABR for giving us two very loving wonderful rescue girls.   We donate every year, but this one I wanted to put in both Misty and Callie’s memories.


Thanks for all you do for these wonderful dogs