We were introduced to the possibility of adopting Boo (now an 8 yr old female) in Nov. 2013 by the match making skills of Nancy Hensley of ABR.  Boo had a delightful childhood but her family could no longer give her the attention she needed and Nancy arranged with the family to surrender Boo for adoption.  We drove across Washington in a snowstorm to meet the family who generously gave us all of Boo’s stock of gear and food and gave up the dog they loved. 

Our plan was to double up on the attention we could provide Boo by having both my Mother and I adopt her.  Mother and I are next door neighbors, each with a fenced in yard. Mother is home during the day while I work so  Boo is rarely alone.  Mother feeds Boo, cares for her every need and Boo lives and sleeps with her.  I am in charge of exercise, vet visits and grooming.  

Boo gets to go to the local dog park (which is well stocked with local ducks and geese), hike on trails through the woods, explore the beaches, walk the extensive paved trails we have in our area of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.   She is a dog with a loving heart, a need to be loved, a little anxious about being alone, but that has diminished over the last two years as she has learned that we will be back soon.  We also have some wonderful friends who come with their dogs and stay with Boo if we have to be gone for longer than an hour or two.  Because she is confident and not aggressive, she is able to meet other dogs on the trails and in the parks with great success.  She is funny and smart.  Even though we have had a Brittany before, Boo surprises us every day with the depth of joy she brings to us and the many friends she has made.  Thank you so much to all of the ABR members who made this possible.