Hi Everyone,

This is Annie from Salt Lake City.  I’m in Southern CA now.  My Mom and Dad saw me on the American Brittany Rescue website and thought that they really wanted me to come live with them.  My Dad contacted my Foster Dad, Mike Barlow, the ABR UT Coordinator, and they talked.  Mike likes to meet the Forever Parents before he allows his Brits to leave his care, but because Diana Dorion, the ABR So. CA Coordinator, vouched for my Mom and Dad after she visited them, Mike allowed me to come to So. CA.  Dad and John Cadia and Reyna Meenk (two pilots from Pilots and Paws), worked really long and hard to transport me to So. CA.  John flew me, with Mike riding along, from SLC to Boulder, NV.  Reyna was to fly me to Riverside, CA,  However, the winds at altitude were so strong that she said that she’d drive me to Riverside.  Mom and Dad said that they’d drive half way to meet Reyna and me in Barstow, CA.  We met there and Mom took me for a walk and I had some treats and then we drove home to Huntington Beach, CA.  I found a nice yard and a bed that I loved when I arrived at my Forever Home and best of all, lots and lots of love from all the family.  Mom’s and Dad’s daughter and son-in-law live nearby and have a two year old Lab mix and a six year old Australian Cattle dog that I have a great time playing with.  We run around the yard like puppies.  I’ve even spent the night there.  I’ve met my vet, Dr. Alison Naito.  She’s been my parents’ vet for 30 years and all of the staff and Dr. Naito just love me.  If I ever have to stay there, it’s just like a second home.  I want to thank everyone who helped me get to my Forever Home.  I’m really really happy and have lots and lots of attention and love.

Love, Annie

Chuck and I want to add a little to Annie’s letter.  She’s a lover and fits into our home perfectly.  We especially want to thank Mike, Diana, Reyna and John for making it possible for us to have Annie join our family.  Rest assured that she’ll be loved and cherished the rest of her life.  Thank you all very much.

Posey and Chuck Leech