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Ruby Rose - 5528

14 yr 1 mon (Senior)
Spayed Female
House Broken
Crate Trained
OK w/dogs
OK w/cats
OK w/kids
Need Fence
Current Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Contact: Terry Mixdorf

Ruby Rose


Meet Ruby Rose..a very sweet but very independent little girl!. And yes, she is FOURTEEN years old....but don't tell her that because she doesn't act it at all. I watch her outside and she just cruises the yard with a beautiful trot. She is a quick learner too! She lived her entire life outside and yet figured out a doggy door within hours. Now she loves to be inside and will let you know it when the door is shut.

Ruby Rose may be petite and act like a little diva...but I have personally caught her counter surfing! Brittanys do not miss a matter what age, no matter what their backgrounds they came from!!

How can a 14 yr old look so darn good? I'm sure genes have something to do with it, but she has always been well taken care of. She receives a vitamin every day and keeps herself in tip top shape by taking daily walks.

Ruby's eyesight is excellent, her hearing not so much. Though she is not totally deaf, it's the sharp and/or high pitched sounds she still can hear. Ruby Rose doesn't play fetch, or is one to snuggle. Again, a very independent little girl...much like a cat! If Ruby wants attention, she will come to you for it. Ruby is also crate trained and actually enjoys sleeping in her crate or at our house, the toddler bed.

The ideal home for Ruby is a quiet one. She is doing great with our other dogs, but does not play with them or even interact with them. I think Ruby would love to be around a retired couple. Her prior caretaker was a man and you can tell, she favors men over women. Ruby is fine with children, she just keeps her distance. If you would like to give this beautiful 14 yr old a forever home, then please fill out the adoption application and mention her name and ID #.

Ruby is up to date on her vaccines, heartworm negative and on preventative.


Ruby Rose is an owner surrender from Indiana. Her owners had her since she was born, since they also owned her mother. Ruby Rose was an excellent hunter in her day and as stated above, she was always well taken care of. Her owner became ill and they had to move to assisted living.


Buddy - 5481

7 yr 1 mon (Adult)
Neutered Male
House Broken
OK w/dogs
Need Fence
Current Location: Columbia, MO

Contact: Cathy Turner

Adoption Pending 13 April 2017!!



I'm Buddy looking for a buddy! Could that be you? Hi, my name is Buddy and I'm almost 7 years old and looking for my forever home. I can be your buddy wherever you go, day or night. I JUST LOVE car rides and will be quiet as well as sitting very still! I'm also very well mannered inside the house! You can leave me unattended and I will not rearrange or destroy any of your belongings.

Some things you should know about me are that I have been having a blast running on a fenced in acreage. I also learned how to hunt and now I'm an expert in digging up moles (I don't think that was the intent though) Oh, I almost forgot...I also LOVE TO SWIM!!

Foster mom here, some things Buddy forgot to tell you is that he is better around older kids vs young. He is not aggressive, it's just the little ones make him nervous. Buddy has done very well with my older Brittany and he is learning to accept the younger one as well. Buddy just needs time to process things before jumping into any situation. Same goes with meeting new dogs, he just needs a few minutes of space to figure it all out and then he is ready to PLAY!

If you would like to make Buddy your own special Buddy, then please fill out the adoption application and mention his name and ID#.

Buddy is up to date on his vaccines and heartworm negative and on preventative.


Buddy came to us as an Owner Surrender. His "dad" died a few years back and the wife thought she could continue on caring for Buddy the way her late husband did. But it wasn't working out and she knew she needed to do better for him than what she could offer, so she contacted our rescue.


Sawyer - 5116

9 yr 9 mon (Senior)
Neutered Male
OK w/dogs
OK w/cats
Need Fence
Current Location: Springfield, MO

Contact: Joann & Richard Kissell
417-887-5072 or Cell (417) 894-0823



Sawyer has been with us for a couple of months now and he is a real gentleman! He gets along well with our other two Britts and he loves everyone. Even though Sawyer has partial blindness he runs around the yard enthusiastically chasing squirrels with his two buddies.

Sawyer arrived in foster care with a couple of health problems that now appear to be under control. Prior to surgery to remove a large and irritating papilloma from his lower eyelid and to extract a decayed tooth it was discovered that he had high blood pressure. After two months on medicine to lower his blood pressure he sailed through the surgery with flying colors. Sometime in his past he was either hit by a car or had a stroke because there is some right sided facial paralysis and that accounts for his cute little lopsided smile. I suppose for a less resilient dog these problems might be an issue and slow him down, but not for Sawyer. His motto is “Life is Good!”

Sawyer’s wish list includes a loving family who will help him find his way in the dark and a fenced yard to keep him safe. A companion dog who will help him hunt the yard would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. Sawyer will enrich his new home with his enthusiasm for life and his perennial smile!


Sawyer apparently was a stray who found his way to an animal shelter in Kentucky where he was cleaned up and brought up to date on his shots. After a month or so he was transferred to foster care in Springfield, Missouri, where he is now living.


Hank - 5566

5 yr (Adult)
OK w/dogs
OK w/kids
Need Fence
Current Location: Blair, NE

Contact: Kristen Lebeda & John Svehla



Hank lives and breaths outdoors! From the second we took him in he searched out every single door and window to find a way outside. He was confined at his old home in Kansas as he had escaped his invisible fence and got into trouble with the neighbor's cat. He was then under house arrest. He is not mean as we have a 6 year old child and 4 other dogs with us. He just likes to hunt cats and other small prey. He responds to his name, knows sit, stay, and come. He has been very easy to train. He is kenneled at night and during the would rather be outside in our big dog run that is all fenced in.

Hank needs a home with no cats and plenty of room to run with a fenced yard, he could possibly hunt as he has an outstanding nose. Hank's walking skills are being worked on as he is a puller but on a long lead he does much better. He is picky about his treats- he likes greenies, puperoni and yogurt. He is not big on affection except for the occasional belly rub or he loves to be scrubbed when given a bath. He will not just jump on your lap and lay. He is just very active and loves to see what is going on.

Update 4/28/17: Hank is currently undergoing testing for his muscles of his mouth. We are working closely with our vet to figure out if there is something more serious than previously thought. We will have more updates as we get them. But all the current tests are taking around 10 days because no one local does the actual testing for what we think he may have. Thanks for your patience. Hank is so sweet and did an awesome job with all the testing samples. He is trooper but wanted nothing more than to be outside when we got home. We are also looking into his pedigree as he may be a field trial dog.

Hank has a skinny sunken face due to the lack of his upper and lower chewing muscles. He has been checked out by our vet and she believes he may have been emaciated early in life and lacked proper nutrition for those muscles to develop. He could still recover with a better diet and proper care. He seems to be fine without those muscles and does not do any chewing on hard materials (so no shoes, woodwork or rawhide). Hank is ready for a new home hopefully one with an outdoor life so if you are interested in adopting please fill out an adoption application.


Brittanys usually live 12-15 years, so if you are contemplating adoption, please be prepared to make that kind of commitment to the dog. Brittanys love their people and require personal attention every day.

Dogs placed by American Brittany Rescue, Inc. have been rescued from a shelter, found as a stray, or given up by an owner who could no longer keep or care for them. All dogs in foster homes have been (or will be) spayed or neutered, checked for heartworm, and are usually on preventative medication for heartworm. A dog's foster family can give you valuable information about its personality and temperament.

There are many more Brittany's available but not yet listed on the web site. These pages are always changing as homes are found and new dogs are placed into rescue. Please contact the State Coordinator for more information.

If you know of a Brittany who needs a home, please contact your nearest State Coordinator for assistance.