If you would like to help, but can't foster or adopt,


Some rescue dogs need a little extra help.  An otherwise healthy dog may come to rescue with heartworm or some other easily solved problem, but it isn't so easy to solve when funds are tight and there are many dogs who need help. Often older dogs stay in rescue simply because they're older. Many volunteers cover the extra expenses themselves, but that makes continued volunteering difficult.

Remember, donations to ABR are tax deductible!
You can donate online via our secure server, or mail in a check.
To donate for one of these dogs select "Buddy Program" from the dropdown list and enter the dogs name in the place provided on the donation form.


WILL YOU BE MY BUDDY? Click a dog's name or photo to read their story.

You can also donate towards ABR's Jake Fund, set up to assist
foster & adoptive homes that take in senior Brittanys (8 years & up).

If the dog you're donating to is fortunate enough to get more donations than he/she needs to cover expenses, the extra funds will be given to another Buddy Dog.
If you have any questions, please email treasurer@americanbrittanyrescue.org.