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Hank is a typical Brittany- his loves include adventure, his people, and the great outdoors. Hank is going on 6 yrs old and has been with his family all of his life including with his Britt sister. If you have ever talked about active Brittanys, you might have heard the phrase “he needs a job”. Hank is looking for employment!


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Zeebo and Liberty
Happy Anniversary to us! One year ago on Mother’s Day weekend, 2016, we drove from East Tennessee to Champaign, Illinois to meet ABR President Terry Mixdorf and pick up our newly adopted dogs, Zeebo and Liberty. This was only a short time after we had to euthanize our two Brittanies, Joy and Scout, only a few months apart at the age of 15 years. That was devastating. And I was really lost without them. It was as if the house was dead. There was no life, no little feet, and no eyes following my movements around the house. No one watching me cook. So when I tell people that we got two rescue Brittanies from American Brittany Rescue, I know they think we rescued the dogs, but really, the dogs rescued me.


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