Thank you for asking about our adoptee from Spain. We love talking about her and sharing pics.

FYI, we did change her name from Debbie to Vida. She joined our family (my husband, me and our 6yo Brittany rescue Zoie) mid-May and is such a welcomed addition. Vida and Zoie are inseparable best buds and play constantly. Vida adores Zoie and pretty much follows her lead. In the evening, after the dogs have worn themselves out in the back yard, Vida will usually sit on the couch with me, her head on my lap. And when it’s time for bed, she’s she’s decided it’s much nicer to sleep in the human’s bed than on her pillow.

My husband and I frequently say that she is the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. Her spirit is entirely a loving one and love is what we give back in return. We adore her.


The Druckers, Oregon