Overall, Romeo is doing really good.  He was very skinny when we first got him, from Spain, but now his ribs don’t show and he’s very healthy.  He’s still gets a little weird with my husband-he’ll bark at him when he enters the room, but will sleep next to him on the bed.  He likes my husband when he’s horizontal, such as laying or sitting on couch or bed.  Seems like someone took a switch or something to him.  He definitely was not treated well before we got him.  

We take him on a walk daily, along with our other rescue, a lab mix.  He’s not as active as I thought he would be, they talk about Brittany’s being so high energy, but Romy is a pretty mellow little guy.  Our other dog is way more high energy, lol!  

We also did agility training with him, but he was just too skittish.  Our trainer recommended that we give him more time with us and try again later.

We’ve taken him hiking and on beach vacations and does great.  As long as he’s with us, he is a happy boy! 
The Austins, California