Sophie is doing just fine. Learning many new things including the language as she came from S. Korea and that her kitties are not to be picked up like stuffed toys. Her back legs are getting stronger by the day and she runs and sometimes jumps up. She cannot yet “counter surf” like our other Brittany does. So that is a blessing. Her lungs which are scared from her pneumonia don’t seem to slow her down and our vet has given her a medication to ease her cough plus percussion of her chest. She has a little pleural fluid that needs to be resorbed, but with good care and food she should have a wonderful life. Her adopted sister, AnnieE, was also adopted about eight years ago from ABR when we lost our previous Brittany. They have bonded and are inseparable.   We love her and would never part with her. This is her “forever home”.   


The Kinley-Wood family, Palmdale, CA