I just woke up and got up with Garbi. He likes to sleep with my wife and me. Even though we have a king size bed, Garbi always seems to crowd us over. I call him Rusty because my first Brittany was named Rusty who I had for 10 years. So I was always saying “hey Rusty” to Garbi. He responded to Rusty so I just gave up and he is Rusty now. He and I are always together. I am retired, so I am home all the time. Whenever I go someplace in the car, Rusty wants to come. So I bring him.

Rusty is a very affectionate dog. He loves to be right next to me. Not just nearby, but right next to me. So when I am in bed, he will jump up and lie right by my head. Sometimes by my legs, but usually, right next to my head. It is a bit annoying, but then I would rather have him like this than being aloof. He comes from Spain. I don’t know why his owners abandoned him. He is my good friend now and he has a forever home here in Richland.

Rusty has had 5 seizures since we picked him up. They last about 4-5 minutes. The vet here has checked him out and said it is nothing to worry about. They don’t recommend medication at this time. He may have had more seizures which I did not observe, like at night. But otherwise, he is very healthy and happy. As am I. I am so glad I was able to adopt Rusty ll. I really love this dog. When I speak to him,

Rusty really tries to understand me. He pricks up his ears and cocks his head to the side and looks at me with his clear brown eyes. He is very intelligent, gentle with other dogs, and not a barker nor a chewer. I tried a few Spanish words on him, but he did not seem to understand me.

Rusty and I went on our first camping trip two weeks ago. We went to Cottonwood Canyon State Park in Oregon. Rusty liked it there. But it did not have much wildlife, like squirrels or birds, so he was a bit bored. I sat around and relaxed listening to audio books and Rusty did not like that. He would bark at me. He wanted to go for a walk, so I took him. He is very eager and pulls a bit on the leash, but not too bad.

The Shinen family, Washington