Our little “Adele” was renamed by her Foster Mom & since she responded to that, we kept it. Her name is now Rosie!

We were a little hesitant about adopting a dog from overseas at first but all we had to do was meet her & it was love at first sight!

She won us over with her sweet, gentle, almost shy & humble demeanor. Rosie came right up to us & seemed so grateful for anything given her. She was a cuddler right from the start. We brought our 4 yr. old American Britt, Rudy with to meet her & they hit it off right away. When we brought her home he gave her a day or two to acclimate then it was Rosie who initiated play time! They chase each other around the yard, play hide & seek around the bushes or inside, around the kitchen island. The wrestling is loud but very evenly matched and when one of them says “enough” the other one respects that.

She is extremely healthy, which was our biggest worry. We brought her into the vet with all her paperwork, passport,etc.& after a thorough exam, agreed with the original vet who examined her when she first came to the US. She received excellent medical care from the start; spayed, microchipped and shots all updated. The only challenging part really was because the passport & vet records from Greece were in Greek, our vet had trouble figuring out what she actually had as far as meds. and vaccines. But Google translate helped so it really wasn’t too bad.

Rose loves long walks; she walks very well on leash. We go to the park every day to meet up with other doggie friends and we have taught her basic commands. The only “negative” if you want to call it that, is her fear of rain. Not usually a problem for us in Northern California, but rainy season is upon us so we’ve just experienced her distaste for getting wet! I bought her a raincoat recently & have worked with food rewards to encourage her to come out to do her business. So far, she’s doing better and not hiding behind the chair when I ask if anyone has to go out. Hard not to just melt with that face she gives you!!

We are thinking of doing therapy work with her. She is so gentle & loves to be pet that visiting those in the hospitals or retirement homes might be good. We have a local group that works with kids struggling to read so the kids read to the dogs as they pet them to gain confidence with a nonjudgmental audience. One of our new neighbors has a son who is terrified of dogs & just yesterday, he actually pet Rosie.

Everyone at ABR was terrific to work with. They made it as easy as possible. Same as adopting from anywhere in US.

Thanks for all the good work you do at ABR! We love our Rosie!

Monica and Bob Collins, California