Well Ron is doing great, he fits into our house like he’s always been there.  It is hard to believe it has only been 6 months since he came from Spain.  Ron has been adjusting well and his personality is starting to show.  His favorite things are going for a walk, running around in the back yard and going to bed.  He has worked his way into letting him sleep with us and at night he dances around waiting for us to pull out the bench so he can jump up on the bed (it is a high bed).  And on occasion, he gets impatient and jumps up there on his own.  I have enclosed some pictures, one with his obnoxious younger sister Ellie, he is very patient to put up with her bossiness.  She likes to grab him by the neck and drag him about.  Don’t worry Ron will give her a growl if she gets to be too much.  My husband was so worried about getting a rescue off the streets and was thinking the dog would be difficult.  Well he is cruise control and our younger dog is the bad dog, nobody should have concerns about rescuing a dog internationally.   This summer we all enjoyed a trip to our favorite beach, Ocracoke Island NC and Ron enjoyed walking all around and taking in the new sites.   He also got a few trips on our boat this summer, he is definitely more a boater than a swimmer, he didn’t want any parts of going in the water.  He also was a regular at our local farmer’s market and enjoyed getting lots of attention.  This weekend we are looking forward to our local Pet and Kid Christmas parade, will try to get a good picture for you all.

The Walkers, Virginia