I’ve now had “Pete” aka Kobe since Aug. 2017. He came from Spain. He is a beautiful and gentle male. He is my constant companion.  

We live in coastal Delaware and Pete and I take anywhere from 1 – 5  walks every day.  A favorite spot for him is a beautiful little park with a 1/2 mile path around an ocean lake and wildlife preserve by the ocean called Lake Gerar. 

We travel regionally a lot. Up to New England and New York, Southern Maryland, DC and Virginia. He loves to visit my brother’s mini-farm near Annapolis, MD and play with their lab and race around the grounds. 

He is a power digger and likes to bury my shoes in his yard at home! My son and i built him a large area with a dog door, so ge runs in and out all day at home too. He helps me with gardening and likes to transplant my azaleas and rhododendrons to his own holes!  

By the way, he seems to have mastered the English language perfectly. He’s an incredibly fast learner. I’ve had dogs my whole life and always females. His personality is so sweet and gentle. He does love to pounce on me in the morning to get me up for some food and to go out!  Next fall we are planning a road trip to New England for foliage season and some hikes in the Berkshires (mountains) and some seafood in Boston with more family!  He loves to ride in the car (fortunately).  

Andrea, Delaware