This is just an update on Louie, sometimes called Lou-Lou or Louie Boy…  a 1 ½ yr old male Brittany we adopted through your organization.  Louie is one of the most kind, calm and gentle dogs we have ever met.  He is very content to lay his head on your lap and if you let him “in” your lap to cuddle.  In addition, he gets along with his bossy new sister-dog, Sadie and the two of them are inseparable.  They insist on sleeping together in their kennel or in the garden, running endless laps around the pool and fighting over who gets to retrieve the rope toy they love so much (He always lets Sadie win even though she is much smaller than him).  Just since he has come to live with us he has learned his basic commands like sit, stay, come and to retrieve his toys and bring them back multiple times.  In addition, he has many children between the ages of 8-16 and male/female grand-dogs of all sizes that visit him throughout the week and he is always happy to play and love all of them.  We love our Lou-Lou and are so happy he has joined our family!