We just celebrated his first birthday this last Saturday.  He is such fun boy!

Dylan, who we now call Loki, was our 13th foster for ABR.  With each dog that came and went, our own Rosie got sadder and sadder.  We knew when Nancy Hensley contacted me to see if GA could find homes for some Spain dogs, that we would take one in to foster and keep adopt him.  When Nancy sent me the pictures of the 6 dogs coming to GA with their descriptions so I could place them in appropriate foster homes, we couldn’t pass up this little guy!

Dylan/Loki was found as a stray at around 12 weeks with Parvo.  Our Spanish partners took him in and nursed him back to health.  It is so obvious to us that this guy was loved and cared for so well, we cannot thank our Spanish friends enough. Nancy tells me that we have  Fatima Muñoz to thank for him and how well he was cared for.

Our daughter wanted to rename him Loki, and he definitely lives up to who he is named after—the Norse god of mischief.

He is our tough, little street ragamuffin.  Nothing scares him and he is such a happy guy.  He makes us laugh every day and we adore having him as part of our family.

The Boyds, Georgia