Holly is the sweetest dog we have ever met. Darin jokes that he only wants dogs from the streets of Spain from now on. She is so loving and happy and affectionate, scrappy and not afraid of anything. She is the most amazing best friend for my six and nine year old, very athletic, energetic boys. They have taught her to play soccer and football for hours, and she waits by the window for them to come home everyday. She loves being at baseball and soccer practices, and my husband has recently started running with her on the beautiful bike path near our home (work in progress, very distracted by greeting everyone she meets, and chasing squirrels!). At night, she sleeps under the covers on top of my feet. She also is the perfect companion for our senior springer spaniel, Bandit, who is aging, but very young at heart and just needs a little kick in the butt to get moving some days. He is very patient as she chews on his ears all day and tries to engage him in play, pushing him outside in the yard.

It is hard to get many still pictures of Holly, as she is always running and full of excitement, but here are a few favorites from last couple months!    Her favorite toy by far is the boys old soccer ball. We noticed she picked up some pretty impressive futbol moves from her time in Spain!

The Burnishe’s, Massachusetts