Gina is doing Great!  We love her so much!  She is learning new things every day since her arrival from Spain.  She loves her little stuffed animals, and using them as pillows on the couch after a long day.

One picture shows her in her little elf hat (her first Christmas with us).  She loved helping to decorate the tree.

One picture she is in a rocking chair on my husband Joe’s lap (her first “booking” with us at Fernandina Beach, FL, at a 4-star hotel!).  She was a hit at the hotel, and she loved to let out a yell to announce when she was entering the lobby. Of course, everyone had to come over to pat her; she loves the attention! We took her to the beach, and she did the same thing as we approached the beach, and once again everyone came over to tell her she is gorgeous.

She loves the squirrels when we take her on the 6 mile walk around the lake in our development. We have a pet sitter who sees her every week day to walk her (when we are at work), and give her treats during the day. Julie our sitter loves her as well.

We will continue to send more, however we thought these would be a start so you can see how well she is adjusting with us, and her new home.

We say her “official” name is Gina Lollobrigida

Thanks for reaching out to us; we sincerely appreciate it!

Kim & Joe Mikula, Florida