We are so happy to have Findley, formerly Curly, here with us. We picked him up in December after he arrived from Spain, then took a long trip to Ohio where he met our other dog Fargo. We knew right away when they met they would be inseparable!. Since then the two don’t do anything without each other around. Findley in particular has been pretty busy. He recently finished basic training, and his instructors were highly impressed with just how smart he is at this young age, We have continued his training with moderate success ( he likes to test Kim and I on a daily basis, but always knows not to push the boundaries) and  we are confident that given more time he will settle right in and find his space in the pack. He’s very affectionate, quite the cuddler, and once he is done for the night like nothing more that to curl up on the couch with us.

His next adventure starts at the end of this month when we take him in for assessment on hunting training. He shows promise, but its by no means a deal breaker. He likes to keep busy and his energy is boundless. so we like to channel that into good working tasks that keep him thinking. The entire experience has been great. We honestly had no expectations on how an international rescue would go, but for us its been very positive, Findley is healthy , spry and is your typical puppy.The vets love him and his 2x a week at daycare is a treat he really loves, Plus having a dog with its own passport is always a conversation starter!

For anyone thinking of an international rescue, we say go for it. We are happy and have no regrets.

Keep up the great work , and get those dogs into great loving homes!

The Wynarczuk family, New Jersey