Wow, what can I say about Boz.  We got him in July this year when he was about 10 months old, and he has been an absolute joy.  It was love at first sight for Carol and me and has only gotten better.  He is incredibly smart and well behaved.  He has never met a stranger either two or four legged he didn’t like, and greets everyone with a wagging rear end( not much of a tail).  His favorite pastime is playing ball which he would continue all day long if we would let him.  When we go outside, he is a natural hunting instincts take over and he loves watching the deer we have in the area.  We could not ask for a more loving, attentive companion and he is the consummate lap dog.  As soon as one of us hits a recliner, he’s there.  Everyone that meets him is crazy about him.  We have been approached by friends and relatives expressing their feelings about him and saying they would gladly take him if something happens to us.  I cannot express to you how much we have come to love this little guy who came from Spain.  He is truly special!!! 

The Bulleits, Georgia