Bonnie Lass

We welcomed Bonnie into our family 1.5 years ago.   She is a true love for all of us and we couldn’t imagine being without her.  Thanks to all the rescue work you are doing in Greece and internationally, we feel so blessed to have out little Bonnie Lass by our side.  She was very shy and cautious when she first came to us, but through personalized training with professionals she quickly became a wonderful well behaved companion.  She is very smart and responsive and is often told she is the BEST DOG EVER!

We are a very active family and so she loves to go on walks or runs with us in our neighborhood, on the beach, in the woods, and is a great traveler on long or short road trips.  She has gone camping with us and stayed in a fancy downtown Portland Hotel, where she was a perfect guest and made many human friends.  We now know she is not fond of glass elevators and army crawls to get out of them as fast as possible… or refuses to move on her own.  We even took her on a road trip to have a reunion in Spokane with Leo, now Theo.  He was her best bud from the Greek shelter.  They remembered each other immediately and had the best time playing in his yard together.   We are fortunate to have a strong relationship with her foster Mom in Seattle and love to visit with her “furbabies”.  Bonnie also loves playing with other dogs at various dog parks or at doggy day care centers. We sometimes take her to daycare when we are on a vacation during the day to keep up her socialization skills, and allow us to do some non dog-friendly activities.  She loves her puppy vacations too, and is a playful spunky girl who is always asked to come back to visit.

Bonnie is obviously Daddy’s little furry girl.  She gives him the most rapid tail wags and sweet kisses I have ever seen!   Our 2 children have also gained so many important skills in understanding and responding appropriately to dog behaviors, as well as being very active in helping to care for them, that we can have no doubts that they will be great adult pet owners and rescuers in the future.  I can never tell who loves each other more the kids or the dogs!

WE are all so fortunate to have a very happy go lucky relationship and will be forever grateful to ABR for bringing her into our lives.

Claudine and Doug, Seattle