Bonita, formerly Betty from Spain, is doing great!  She has an adventurous spirit. It took a few weeks to allow her off leash. She has adopted me and my two other adoptions, Abbey ½ Brit & ½ Border Collie who is almost 16, Rubey a prior Brittany Rescue now 7. 

Bonita has put on just the right amount of weight, her coat is glossy and soft. We take a two mile hike from our home every day. I’m surrounded by hundreds of acres of public land.  Bonita does much more mileage racing up and down the mountainside looking for rodents, squirrels and chipmunks. Throughout the day I let her and Rubey outside to burn up some of their energy. She has come pretty close to some elk and deer that frequent our yard and learning not to chase them. 

As soon as there is enough snow she will xc ski with Rubey and I.  Abbey the eldest has had a good 15 years of backcountry action and ready for relaxing days.  Bonita loves to run errands in the vehicle perching herself on the console when I allow her to.  I’ve learned that she must stay busy most of the time so leaving out my knitting can evolve into chewed knitting needles and scattered yarn when left unattended. She snuggles next to me in bed every night and delights in wrestling a bit before getting up. She’s now 2 years old and definitely still a puppy. 

I’m so blessed to have this bundle of enthusiasm to love and set free into the beautiful environment I call home here in Montana. She returns to me with a giant smile, wiggling her stubby tail, not letting me out of her site for long.  Her personality and devotion transforms every moment into joy even when she’s mischievous. She’s so cute its impossible not to smile at whatever she’s up to. 

Thank you for your commitment to the  International Rescue and choosing me to care for these beautiful Britt’s. Bonita is the orange one with freckles in the photos.  

Cathy Locatelli

Darby, MT