Ari is doing great and enjoying life lots since his beginnings in Serbia.

A little history about my family first. I have had Brittany’s since 1960 when I bought my first. Over the years we have had several brits all of which have been a new, different and enjoyable experience.

Last May my wife and I went to Garden City, Long Island to meet Ari. I will mention that half way across the GW bridge we looked at each other and wondered what we were doing.  We reached Ari’s foster home about 1:00 pm and met Ari.    Love at first sight for Barb and I and Ari… Ari’s journey to Rush NY[a one red light town] started around 3:00pm that day. We reached our cabin in Tioga County about 9:pm and stayed overnight. Ari was totally at ease right from the start. Just like he had been with us for years. He is a very loving dog along with being smart and polite. He is not pushy and will not get on the furniture unless invited.

From that first day to the present, he continues to win the hearts of our whole family. All the grandkids love to walk with him and he loves the outdoors. {in his early life he was very well trained and knows all the commands}. It would be easy to forget he’s a Brittany and let him off the leash while walking BUT as they all have in there brain the desire to go after any game, that comes within their view. At this point he is still not allowed out without a leash. With both of the other dogs from ABR, after about a year they were ok with me off the leash. On our trail walks I do always put a leash on them.  I am too old to chase another Brittany.

My son and his family have a 8 week old Brittany pup and are having the time of their lives. My daughter is visiting a new litter of Brittany’s on Sunday and hope to get their puppy around the 12th of April. These will be my daughter’s third and my son’s second Brittany. Both of their dogs passed away at 14 years in the last year.

Would we adopt another ABR international dog? YOU BET WE WILL.

The last three have added a lot to our lives and the first two broke our hearts when they passed. We are sure that Ari will be with us for some time yet , but we are both getting older each day. As you can see from the pictures he needs a good rest when we come in from our walks and I the same.

The question we had was would there be a problem with language. Wendy Boyce worked us through that one and as she said he will know what you want and he did from day one.

The Flannery family, New York

PS I would like to thank those from ABR that have helped us adopt these wonderful dogs.

Michelle Falkinburg

Wendy Boyce

All the others who were involved Thanks.