I have adopted Brittany No 5!!! Her name is Zooey (8).  She is in the middle in this picture. Maya (10) is on the left and Kodi (6) is on the right.

Zooey is a very sweet little girl that was purchased from Craig’s list and then given to ABR.  She has fit right in with the Brittany crew.  She had to have surgery to remove several growths one of which was cancerous.  The vet thinks
they got it all.  She will just need to be checked periodically for the next year.

Zooey will start training in January so she can become a therapy dog like her brother and sister. The amazing thing is that she heels so well wearing a martingale collar.  She is still learning stay, wait and down.  I have been so lucky and blessed with the Brittanys in my life