It is with heavy heart, that I must tell you that our Sonny dog, adopted October 2009 has been diagnosed with a large tumor on his heart and will only be with us for a few more months most likely. His age was unknown when we adopted him, they said anywhere between 6-12 yrs.  His health was in pretty bad shape when he was found.  He has been a happy part of our family for over 5 years now!  He loves our kids, our cats, and our newer two-year-old Brittany, Colt.  We just wanted to thank you for your rescue work and keeping these fabulous dogs in good, loving homes!<p>

We would also like to look for another Brittany after Sonny is gone.  Our 2-yr-old Britt will be very lonely.  We would love to find another young 1-3 yr old to bring into our family and become Colt’s new brother or sister.  If you have any available in the next couple months were are interested!

Here is Sonny, with his smile!

and here is his brother Colt.

Thank you!

Keith and Ellen Mangine